Book Chapters & Papers


  1. Applied Biomedical Engineering Mechanics, Dhanjoo Ghista. Taylor & Francis (CRC Press) 2008
  • Applied Biomedical Engineering Mechanics (click to view the brochure)
  • Chapter 3:  Left Ventricular Contractility Indices
  • Chapter 8:  Glucose–Insulin Dynamics Modeling
  • Chapter 15:  Analysis of Spinning Ball Trajectories of Soccer Kicks and Basketball Throws
  1. Socio-Economic Democracy & World Government:  Collective Capitalism Depovertisation, Human Rights, Template for Sustainable Peace, Dhanjoo.N.Ghista. World Scientific, 2004.
  • Socio-Economic Democracy & World Government (click to view brochure)
  • Chapter 12: Truly Democratic Electoral Governance System and Global Political Structure
  • Chapter 13: Human Rights and Constitutional Guarantees
  • Chapter 14: Civilian-Centered Neo-humanistic Global Order
  1. Biomedical Science, Engineering and Technology, Dhanjoo Ghista (ed), InTech, 2012
  • Biomedical Science, Enginerring and Technology (click to view brochure)
  • Chapter  1: Biomedical Engineering Professional Trail from Anatomy and Physiology to Medicine and Into Hospital Administration: Towards Higher-Order of Translational Medicine and Patient Care
  • Chapter 34: Lung Ventilation Modeling for Assessment of Lung Status: Detection of Lung Disease and Indication for Extubation of Mechanically-Ventilated COPD Patients
  • Chapter 35: Physiological Nondimensional Indices in Medical Assessment: For Quantifying Physiological Systems and Analysing Medical Tests’ Data
    4. Cardiology Science and Technology. CRC Press, Taylor and Francis, 2016.
  • Section 1: Left Ventricular Wall Stress, Contractility and Vector Cardiogram, with Applications in Cardiology: Left ventricular Wall Stress Compendium; Assessment of Cardiac Function in Filling and Systolic Ejection Phases; Novel Cardiac Contractility Index dσ*/dt (max); Cardiomyopathy effect on Left ventricle (Shape, Wall stress and Contractility) and Improvement after Surgical Ventricular Restoration; Cardiac Contractility Measures for Left Ventricular Systolic Functional Assessment in Normal and Diseased Hearts;  Analysis for Left Ventricular Pressure Increase during LV Isovolumic Contraction Phase, due to Activation of the Myocardial Fibers: Computation of LV Myocardial Wall Stresses, Myocardial Fiber Stresses and Orientation; Myocardial Infarct Induced Left Ventricular Shape Remodeling, and Surgical Ventricular Restoration to restore LV Shape and Cardiac Contractility; Vector Cardiogram Theory and Clinical Application.
  • Section 2: ECG Signal Analysis and Cardiac Pumping (Intra-Ventricular, Aortic and Coronary Flow), with Applications in Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery: ECG and Heart Rate Variability Signal Processing and Analysis to detect Cardiac Arrhythmias; Left Ventricular Blood Pump Analysis and Outcome: Intra-LV Flow and Pressure Distributions to determine Candidacy for Coronary Bypass Surgery; Cardiac Perfusion Analysis and Quantification by Nuclear Cardiac Imaging and Computation of Intra-Myocardial Blood Flow Velocity and Pressure Patterns; Determination of Arterial Pulse Wave Propagation Velocity and Arterial Properties; Blood Flow in Patient-Specific Coronary Arteries: Causes of Atheromas at Arterial Curvatures and Bifurcations based on Hemodynamic Parameters; Intra-Left Ventricular Diastolic and Systolic Flow Distributions, based on Colour Doppler Echo Velocity Flow Mapping of Normal subjects and Heart Failure Patients;  Coronary Blood Flow Analysis and Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Flow and Design; Coupled Sequential Anastomotic Bypass Graft (SABG) Design. (CLICK HERE TO PREVIEW)


Biomedical Science, Engineering and Technology
Socio-Economic Democracy & World Government
Applied Biomedical Engineering Mechanics

Cardiology Science and Technology