Professor Dhanjoo Ghista
President, University 2020 Foundation

Dhanjoo Ghista is a world authority in biomedical engineering and physics, author and editor of several textbooks in subjects ranging from cardiovascular physics to economic development, and inventor of novel medical diagnostic and surgical procedures. A pioneer of research in aerospace medicine on the effect of microgravity environment on human physiology, he has now been promoting a new stem-based model of medicine for precision medicine and surgery, and the role of universities in contributing to building smart cities and sustainable community development.

Prof. Dhanjoo Ghista has an international standing in academia, education and research, having set up programs and departments at universities in responsible academic-administrative positions (from Department Head to CAO/Provost), and has even been involved in planning universities. He has a multi-disciplinary background, spanning science and engineering, medicine and health sciences, social sciences, management of cities and hospitals, governance and public administration, sports science and engineering, yoga and meditation, and teacher's education. He is a pioneer in the fields of biomedical engineering, STEM model of medicine, hospital and healthcare management, democratic governance and economic development, sports science and engineering, yoga and meditation, and urban-rural sustainable community development, and is committed to the advancement of rural communities and developing countries.

Dr. Ghista has a sterling scholarly record of having published 500+ research papers and 32 books. He has taught courses in engineering, physics, biomedical engineering, medical sciences, sports science and hospital management. His research involvements and publications have been in science and engineering, biomedical engineering, medicine, cognitive science and therapy, political science, sports science, education, sustainable communities, and the role of university in society. His books have been in biomedical engineering and physics, physiological mechanics, cardiovascular physics and engineering, orthopedic biomechanics, medical and life physics, spinal injury biomedical engineering, socio-economic democracy and world government, and African development.

Prof Ghista has supervised many doctoral students and post-doctoral fellows. He has served on national research grants review panels, and has been editor of journals and book series (with publishers). Throughout his academic career, he has obtained substantial research grants, served on national agencies for research promotion, and contributed to community development.

In projecting a visionary perspective on the role of a university in society, Prof. Ghista states: "A university is verily a laboratory for the development of a progressive society, by delineation of its ideals in all fields of human thought and endeavor, and by the development of education and research programs for imparting these ideals. A university hence needs to have a pulse of the problems challenging society and a clear delineation of its role in cultivating the requisite solutions for its progress."


Cardiology Science and Technology

Biomedical Science, Engineering and Technology

Socio-Economic Democracy & World Government

Applied Biomedical Engineering Mechanics

Cardiac Perfusion and Pumping Engineering