Physiology, Medicine and Surgery

I have taught and researched in Quantitative (engineering modeling of) Physiology and Engineering-modeling of Organ systems. One of my pioneering efforts has been in the formulation of non-dimensional physiological indices (NDPIs) of physiological (micro & macro) systems (PSTs). A typical NDPI is made up of a number of (necessary & sufficient) parameters of a PST (adroitly formulated to make the index non-dimensional), based on the engineering modeling of the PST.

Upon simulating the physiological system (PST) model to the clinical data, and evaluating the parameters and hence the NDPI, we can determine the distribution of the NDPI for a reasonable sized patient population, to determine the NDPI ranges for normal and disordered physiological systems. The advantage of NDPIs is that one can clinically assess the physiological system, based on just one number or index. This novel concept has been applied to formulate NDPIs for cardiac contractility, lung ventilatory performance, glucose-insulin dynamics implicit in glucose tolerance testing, vascular flow for diagnosing arteriosclerosis and atherosclerosis, diseased heart-valve detection based on its vibrational modeling associated with heart-sounds, and cardiac fitness detection

I have also guided research and taught courses in Cardiology and Orthopedics. (including Spinal Surgery for fracture fixation, scoliosis-correction and discectomy). I can help set up an attractive MD-PhD (in BME & HCEM) program. I am currently preparing books on Physiological Engineering and Cardiological Engineering (to be published by World Scientific Press).