Service Activities

Service Activities (to University, Professional Societies Community and Region)

A. University/Campus Service

  • Member: (appointed by the President of NTU) of University Remaking Committee, to transform NTU to be more professor-centric and student-centric (2004-2005).

Chair : Sub-Committee on Graduate Education & Research

Member : Finance sub-committee

Member : Teaching Integration sub-committee

Co-chair: Student Affairs sub- committee

Member of NTU-India Strategy Group

Developed joint program in Biomedical Engineering with IIT (Bombay).

PhD program Transformation Committee

Member of this committee appointed by the NTU President to the make PhD program more rigorous and to enhance its impact.

B. Service to Professional Societies and Associations

  • Lectured in Spinal Surgery Education in the Continuing Education Program of the International College of Surgeons (USA) from 1989 to 1997.

  • Given “Courtyard Talks” on Biomedical Engineering, for local ASME and IEEE chapters

  • Former reviewer of Research Grants for Medical Research Council (Canada), NSF (USA), Ontario Heart Foundation (Canada), Arthritis Society Of Canada, International Spinal Trust, and NIH (USA).

  • ICMMB Founding member & Organizing Committee member of bi-annually held International Conference on Mechanics in Medicine & Biology (starting from 1978).

  • ICMMB – 15: Scientific Chair, member of Local and International Advisory Committes.

C. Community Service

  • Member of Research-Proposals Review Panel of Agency for ASTAR Science and Engineering Research Council (2002 to 2006, longest serving member of the panel)

  • Prepared the Blueprint of Hamilton Urban redevelopment for the Canadian Legislative Assembly

  • Developed the blueprint of Gulf Institute of Advanced Studies, on self-reliant community development and design.

D. Service to Region (through Regional Deveopment and Educational Programs)

  • Asian Network of major cities in the 21st Century (ANMC21), to solve common problems of Asian cities: Formulated Programs on (i) Cost-effective Healthcare Delivery System, (ii) Township program for Sustainable development through capacity building, Industrial & Economic development, and (iii) Regional Economic Bloc planning

  • Formulated the blueprint of the Center for Sustainable Cities for Asian Institute of Technology, 2006

  • Member of panel to formulate “Total Rural Development Plan” for Zambales (Philippines), and develop an education program at Ramon Magsaysay Technological University (2002).