Cognitive Science

Present-day Science and Medicine is not adequately developed to deal with behavioral and mental disorders associated with the mind. We therefore need a new science paradigm, in order to understand mind-function and behavior, and how this affects physical health and ailments.

For analyzing and modulating human behavior, for integration of body and mind in a holistic medical approach, we need to understand mind origin, mind states, and mind dynamics. This will then help us to understand the innate nature and tendencies of human beings, what is the primary quest of human beings, and what is that gives them fulfillment.

What is hence needed is a new paradigm of Cognitive Science, to enable us to analyze mind function for: (i) enabling mental upliftment, (ii)modulating human behavior, and develop psychological therapies for mental and psychosomatic ailments, (iii) mental liberation from physic propensities, for self-realization.

Cognitive Science is based on the neo-science paradigm that:

(i) Consciousness is the fundamental entity, incorporating the cognitive and operative principles.

(ii) Consciousness expresses itself, through its operative principle, into the five fundamentals (ethereal, aerial, luminous, liquid and solid) factors, providing the constituents of the physical universe.

(iii) Consciousness emanates microvita, which organize energy into matter to form ectoplasmic (mind) material and physical life structures. In other words, matter is energized into mind material as a phase change.

(iv) From primitive organisms to complex organisms, there is an unfolding of Consciousness due to increasing reflection of Consciousness, with a corresponding increase in physic dilation of the mind and concomitant increase in complexity of the nervous and anatomical strucutres.

This provides a new version of evolution, namely that evolution entails mind dilation (or increase in ectoplasmic density) under the influence Consciousness and in interaction with the environment. The physical transformation then occurs to conform to the developed mind state.

(v) Increasing psychic dilation of the unit mind (under the influence the Consciousness) leads to intellectual and eventually to parapsychic and intuitional development.

(vi) The psychic dilation of the unit mind eventually culminates in its achieving mental liberation (from its psychic propensities), and merger into Consciousness.

In the ectoplasmic field of consciousness, every human mind is deemed to possess:

(i) a certain intrinsic cognitive potential, based on the intrinsic capacity of the individual mind to evolve, and proceed towards Consciousness;

(ii) a certain potential to interact with other unit minds, which could be positive or negative depending on the intrinsic cognitive potentials of these unit minds;

(iii) psychic potential based on one's past decisions or actions, which could be termed as one's karmic potential.

This makes us aware of the prime need to enchance our cognitive potential (by reflecting on Consciousness) for attaining self-realization.

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