Hospital & Healthcare Management

Hospital & Healthcare Management (HOHM) Program

I have pioneered this field to:

(i) determine the cost-effectiveness performance index and resource index of hospital units,

(ii) the hospital budget distribution among the hospital units, to ensure their cost-effective operations and associated resources,

(iii) cost-effective budgets of hospitals,

(iv) the distribution of the budget of a healthcare delivery system among its healthcare (primary, secondary and tertiary care) clusters, such that each cluster can operate cost-effectively.

The HOHM Education Program is designed to provide the relevant multidisciplinary knowledge-base in clinical and hospital engineering, economic and financial engineering, related to cost-effective operation of hospitals (represented by the below depicted three pillars of HOHM) to hospital administrators.

The HOHM program can be developed as a joint program of the College of Engineering, the School of Business Administration and the Medical School, towards a career in hospital-administration, health-care policy and public health. HOHM could in fact be an international program, interacting with WHO on cost-effective healthcare delivery in Developing countries. The above figure represents a balanced approach to an affordable public healthcare system.