International Relations, Peace & Globalization

Herein, my interest is in the thematic areas, relevant to the UN mandate for Developing countries, such as in:

(a) knowledgeable human-resource development and capacity building, so as to empower the people to bring to bear a high level of know-how for cooperative solutions of regional problems;

(b) implementation of scientific and technological advancements, to elevate the indigenous industrial acumen, health-care delivery level, community infrastructure and living standards of people of developing countries;

(c) facilitating environmentally conducive and sustainable development;

(d) orienting economic and governance culture to cater to people’s welfare;

(e) heightened cooperation among the nations and people of the world for mutual welfare.

For Developing countries, community-impacting academic programs in Regional Self-reliant Economic development, would involve:

(a) Capacity building of developing countries;

(b) Culturing technological-base and indigenous-industrialization in developing countries;

(c) Enhanced agricultural and food-processing technology and capability;

(d) Community services infrastructure-building, in education and healthcare, food and water supply, electrical power and transportation;

(e) Food and drinking water for all, housing for all, healthcare for all, and education for all.

Towards Equitable Globalization, I am promoting the concept of:

- Developing countries assisting one another and sharing know-how, so as to improve the living standards of their people.

- Local people’s empowerment in sustainable resource development on their lands.

- Regional free-trade blocs to assist regional economic development as a basis of Globalization.

Constituting Equitable Globalization, on the foundation of an equitable economic and industrial base among the regions of the world.