Soci-Economic Democracy Globalization

I have propounded a neo-humanistic socio-economic-political order, (i) involving the establishment of autonomously-governed functionally-sustainable communities (FSCs), and (ii) promoting collective capitalism, party-less socio-economic democracy and people-centered governance, at the grass-roots level.

For global implementation of socio-economic democracy, FSCs can opt to form self-reliant economic blocs within continental and regional unions or nations (such as the European Union and African Nation). These unions (or nations) would operate under the aegis of a globally representative World Government, mandated to serve the collective interests of all the communities of the world by providing a most comprehensive charter of human-rights and constitutional guarantees.

The need of the hour is a road-map towards a World government system, for the unification of all the nations of the world into one global cooperative. The combined system of socio-economic democracy (involving knowledgeable and conscientious governance executives elected by and directly representing the various functional sectors of FSCs) and World Government will help transform the current undignified and unstable north-south socio-economic order into a democratic and equitable neo-humanistic globalization order, towards achieving sustainable peace.

Most of these concepts are delineated in my book: Socio-Economic Democracy and the World Government: Collective Capitalism, Depovertisation, Human Rights, Template for sustainable Peace (published by World Scientific Publishing Co., Singapore, 2004, ISBN 981-238-509-6); please refer to the book brochure "Socio-Economic Democracy and the World Government".